Warwick Davis - Wicket the Ewok (Ep. VI)


Mr. Davis (Willow, Leprechaun, Harry Potter, etc.) is most remembered to Star Wars fans for his role as "Wicket", the little Ewok that befriends Princess Leia in ROTJ. He also had a cameo in Episode I as Wald (pod race spectator) and a Mos Espa Citizen.

I had great success with Mr. Davis at the address below. He signed my 8x10 of Wicket in beautiful gold sharpie, inscribed my blank 4x6 card, sent an 8x10 of his own, and hand-signed a typed letter thanking me. Very nice man and a great success!

Warwick Davis
c/o ICM
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street

SENT: 5/31/05
REC'D: 6/29/05

Does anybody have a more recent success here?

Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact darthskelington or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.


Dark Lord of the Typos
Cool. :) I never wrote through the mail...i think he didn't have too many successes and I was focusing more on other signers. I got to meet him at C3 though briefly during a Fan Club beakfast and got a signed photo. :cool: He was also at SW Weekends this years, so I got to see him, although not meet him again.