Under Imperial Care bracelets


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Not something we normally post, but read below ....
501st Terror Australis Garrison is proud to offer charity bracelets to support one dedicated and generous troopers, Paul Wheller (TK-4212,) with the expense of his ongoing medical treatment for cancer. Paul is married with two young children, both of whom have mild cerebral palsy. Tragically, last year Paul lost his beautiful 8-year-old daughter to this disease.

Paul himself is soft-spoken, humble and often eschews the high-profile "glamour gigs" in preference of children's hospital visits or charity events. "Under Imperial Care" fundraiser bracelets are now available in BLACK, WHITE or RED for a only AUD $5 each plus AUD$1.00 postage. International shipping is $3.00 Payments can be made via PayPal to djbruce@bigpond.net.au

Please include color preference and shipping address with your order. Every purchase will make a difference.

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No offence to this worthy cause or any others, but why is everyone suddenly doing bracelets and before that ribbons?!?

In the past we used to get something useful or at least collectible - things like pens, badges (aka "pins" in America), etc. I've got a small collection of badges from old Guide Dog donations and another of badges of the Thunderbirds TV show vehicles (before the useless movie) from some other charity. My brother used to buy the small teddy bears to support the rescue helicopter, with each year's bear being different (one year a pilot, next a doctor, etc.).

They probably do get more money per sale from the simpler product which is a googd thing, but it's disappointing and less likely to attract people and therefore less sales which is a bad thing. :(