TRU Force Unleashed 5-packs


Dark Lord of the Typos
The new Toys R Us esclusive Force Unleashed 5-packs are hitting stores. I happened to snag both at my local TRU this week....during their Buy One Get One 1/2 Price sale. (regularly $29.99 each). The sets come with total 9 new or repainted figures (10 end up with 2 Shadow Troopers).

Just opened both Force Unleashed 5-packs. I'm pretty happy with both, especially at $4.87 a figure.

New EVO Trooper has a Camoflauge paint job. Come with 2 pistols and a cannon (don't recall the exact name).

Juno Eclipse is similar to the original...come with a blaster rifle, removeable hat, and an unbuttoned casual officer's jacket. (While I'm sure te original thought was it's just an unbuttoned officer's tunic.......costumers have found that it is physically impossible to make a officer's tunic look like her jacket....and as a result it is considered to be a completly different casual jacket of some sort.)

Galen Marek in ???? attire. Wearing black....tan cloth wrapped around his limbs and torso....appears to have cybernetic arms. Not sure what part of the game/story this is from....I've only gotten a little ways into the game...and have read the comic once. Overall, this is an awesome fig though.

Rahm Kota Militia Elite is pretty awesome as well. He comes with a removeable helmet and backpack, as well as a large cannon. Has some pretty cool armored guantlets, that I assume in the game had energy sheilding, or were maybe laced with cortosis. Awesome new fig.

Shadow Troopers..again...not too impressed with teh see through figs.....but they are neat for seeing the anatomy of a figure....I'm surprised how much of the limbs are devoted to joints or peg attachment.

Jump Trooper.....this new version has different paint colors, but looks essentially the same as the previous figure. This one however comes with a large cannon, and the addition of a jet pack (and a peghole in his back to stick it in). Since these were supposed to be rocket-pack troopers....I was surprised teh carded figure didn't have a jet pack. That now seems to be corrected.

Proxy is cool....loaded with articualtion. Very small (skeletal) in size, which makes sense if the holo-image of someone is to fit around him.

Galen Marek - Bounty looking..seems to reuse I thin an Evolutions Jango torso and arms..maybe upper legs. Has a new lower legs, and a nifty cloak/belt/wrap thing over all the armor. Another very cool fig from a TFU or Mando standpoint.

Felucian Warrior - same sculpt as the Rancor riding version, but with a completely new blue and gray paint scheme.