There is only one deleted scene...


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There is only one deleted scene that I didn't really care for that much... Where Padme tells Anakin that his mother is looking for him... I would have rather had the R2 w/booster rockets scene included into the DVD then the one I mentioned above... Or else a longer space battle scene, or even a longer Jedi battle! But hey! I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth! I still love the DVD!!!!

Now, if all the good movies came out on sets like EP1 did, htat would be SWEEEET!


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I noticed the extended fart too! Have you seen the credits at the end of the deleted scenes commentary? Hilarious!


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Seeing Jar Jar slap a battle droid upside the head was quite funny. However, I have to agree with BlueHarvest...the "super charged" Sandcrawler was by far the best.