SW Clearance at Target


Dark Lord of the Typos
Just a heads up, some of the SW stuff at Target is now on clearance.

Ultimate Build a Saber $24-ish
Unleashed Battle Packs $7-ish
Mighty Muggs $7-ish (also GI Joe and Marvel)
Evolutions $15-ish

Also, all 25th Ann GI Joe toys are on clearance...just went 75%off at my store today. Plus, the movie toys released this week. I may have to get te new Mole Pod and Cobra Night Raven one day. There is also an interesting Mobile Pit Command Center Vehicle/playset. At $100 though, I will probably never own one.



Dark Lord of the Typos
BTW, the Toy dept at my Target will reset the first week of August. Action fogures will be growing from 2 to 3 aisles, so hopefully that means more SW toys!

Oh..and...4000th post!! :D