SW Bundle Packs at Target


Dark Lord of the Typos
Saw something strange at work yesterday.....Star Wars bundle packs....not
unlike what Walmart has gotten this year. I assume they came in over the
weekend. We had one action figure bundle (I assume the rest sold over
the weekend), featuring a Build-A-Droid Biker Scout and a BAD shirtless
Maul, packaged back to back....for the price of one figure. When I
scanned it, it came up with the same DPCI as a regular figure, if I
recall correctly.

We also had several SW Transformers bundles. Same idea....two carded
toys packaged back to back, for the price of one. There was a Grievous
starfighter with a Magnaguard starfighter, Jedi starfighter (Ahsoka's?)
with an AT-TE, and a Jedi starfighter with Vader's TIE. Also came up as the
same DPCI.

It's a good deal if anyone is after transformers or some older but good



I found the whole ROTJ wave in these 2-packs! Not good for carded collectors though. The BOGO packaging is glued to the cards so it's impossible to get it off without destroying the top half of the card.