Heres the plan. We are going to write a story together. I received the idea from a great guy named Larry at R2N.

I'll start the story off. The next person will continue where I leave off. You can only put 5 (five) words in and then you leave it for the next guy/gal to continue.

Have fun!!!:D

Buzz Bumble

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Immediately interrupring the story with a question, but does it have to stay "Star Wars based" or can any story ideas be used? :)
It doesn't have to be Star Wars based. I just started it that way as a joke and to see just how far off it could go.:)

Let's try it again,

A long time ago in......


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...the earth. It was the...

(note: going with Aussie's line, "a great shadow fell upon", since he got his up there first)