Store Report


New Recruit
I made a toy run today in Cutler Ridge. For the most part it was a disappointment but I did manage to score a couple of figures. Here is the breakdown of my travels.

Target: 3 each of Shmi Skywalker & Jedi Training Obi-Wan. Also on hand were Ketwol, Sabe, Bespin Security Guard, Cold Weather Obi-Wan, Jedi Training Qui-Gon, and alot of older figures. Also there were 3 B-Wing Fighters and all 3 of the Bounty Hunter 12".

K-Mart: The newest wave found here was the K-3PO wave. THere were about 6 Coruscant Guards to be had, and that was pretty much it. There were also quite a few of E1 figures on clearance for $5.00 although nothing exciting and you could do better at TRU.

Toys 'R' Us: A total waste of time for me. There was one wave of the 12" which consists of Death Star Han, Death Star Droid, and Death Star Trooper. Besides that you have the normal glut of E1 figures, a couple of POTF2 Hoth Leia's, and 12" Sith Lords. There was absolutely no sign of the TIE Interceptor or Palm Talkers.

Kay*Bee: Still plenty of older POTJ on the pegs for $2.99. Dagobah Vader, Old Man Kenobi, and the usual first POTJ wave.

Wal-Mart: Ketwol wave, Sandtrooper wave (minus the Sandtrooper), Aurra Sing, and a sprinkling of many other POTJ figs. Nothing overly exciting.

Well, there you have it. Other than the Shmi and Jedi Trianing Kenobi there was nothing I found interest in. Hopefully the new POTJ wave and TIE Interceptor start to show up soon.


Scout and Bounty Hunter
Store Report - Gainesville, FL

Toys R Us - Great! If you need an army of Nute Gunrays. Otherwise, Mechanic Chewies, Bespin Escape Leias, Bespin Guards, and Concillor's Guards. 12 inch figs - a fair number of Death Star Droids, but very few DS troopers, and Stormtrooper Han Solos. Plenty of wave 1 Ep1 accessory packs and Superdeformed palm-talkers. TIE Interceptors aplenty, but that's no surprise... They're crap!!!!!!

Wal-mart 13th Street - mmmmm Crap! Other than the Bespin Guard/Ketwol/Duros wave nothing! No vehicles or anything unless you still need 12 inch Disguise Qui-Gonns, Wattos, and BDroids.

Wal-mart Archer Rd - Nothing at all other than the above mentioned 12 inches.

Target - All out of Bwings, standard Ketwol/BGuard/Duros wave. an overabundance of 12 inch Bossk, 4LOM, and IG-88.

Kmart Interstate- mmm, a cubic buttload of nothing figures.

Kmart 13th Street.... Nothing.

Gainesville sucks!


New Recruit
Store Report for 10/12/01

Kendall Drive: 12" Luke Speeder Bike, Discounted B-Wing Fighters, 12" Bounty Hunters, miscellaneous POTJ from the Ketwol wave, Sandtrooper wave, and all the usual peg warmers.

Bird Road: Same as above.


Cutler Ridge: Still no sign of anything other than E1 and POTF2 clearanced items. Well, there were a few POTJ but they were all from the Bespin Leia wave or earlier. There were a couple of Trade Federation Tanks for about $20.


Cutler Ridge: HAHAHAHAHA! If you are still in need of the super hot Split Apart Maul then you better go here now!


FL City/Homestead: Tons of POTJ. Nothing newer than the Ketwol wave however.