Star Wars Series IV Mimobots Revealed


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Mimoco unveils their fourth wave of Star Wars Mimobot flash drives, and brings back Darth Vader -- twice!


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Not only does this latest set of Mimobot USB flash drives have two Darth Vaders (removing the helmet reveals either Sebastian on one and Hayden on another), but now there's an "exclusive" version that reveals Luke's face from the Dagobah cave scene ... mind you, if you've got enough money to collect these expensive drives, you aren't going to be worried about an over-priced exclusive version. :rolleyes:


Introducing the Luke Dagobah Variant of Darth Vader Unmasked MIMOBOT revealing Luke as he imagined himself in the famous Dagobah scene of Empire Strikes Back.

As a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, only 500 Luke Dagobah Variants will be produced. Available at the MIMOBOT booths #2913 and #4938 at Comic Con, July 22 - 26.

Completing the cycle later this summer as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, Mimoco will release a third, limited-edition version of Darth Vader Unmasked.

When the helmet is removed, the unmasked visage will be the face of Luke Skywalker, as Luke imagined himself on Dagobah in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. Only 500 Darth Vader Unmasked Luke Skywalker MIMOBOT drives will be produced and they will only be available at Mimoco’s Comic Con booths #2913 in the STAR WARS Pavilion and #4938 in the Toy Growers section on July 22 - 26. A minimum of 100 units will be available each day of the show with a limit of 2 units per person.