Star Wars Hello Kitty items


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My latest purchase:


This baby cost $1!!

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You're really, really going to hate me. ;)

Visit the original creator's website and you'll find photos of the stickers (there's at least two series of them), pendants, badges / buttons, and cushions ... there's even a photo of someone with a Boba Kitty tattoo. Unfortunately (or maybe luckily!) there doesn't seem to brebe a link to actually buy any of those things, but there is a page of free Buddy Icons and iPhone wallpaper images.

Then ... I also stumbled across these "figures", but they're not actual products (yet?).

I never thought I’d see the words Hello Kitty and Star Wars used in the same sentence, but that’s just what is happening. Joseph Senior presents to us a pretty cool and cute illustration of what Hello Kitty will look like dressed as Star Wars characters. It is the ultimate marriage of cute and geeky. Having Darth Vader wear a bow is absolutely priceless. That’s not all, we have the kitty looking like Star Trek characters and random super heroes as well. I suppose they are preparing Hello Kitty to kick some ass. I like this new look.

Star Wars Hello Kitty

Star Trek, Superhero and other misc. Hello Kitties


There's bigger images on Joseph Senior's MySpace page. :)


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Here's a new one:

I actually won this a few weeks ago during a twitter contest @hellowars had. But I didn't get it in the mail yet!