Star Wars fragrances

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From today New Zealand Herald (16 June, 2016) ...

Smell like a Jedi
A German perfume-maker has come out with a line of Star Wars fragrances.

Jedi is said to evoke a "swaggering, fearless flair" and "sportiness" with a blend of pink pepper, water lily, musk, and sandalwood.

Empire mixes notes of lime, apple, amber, patchouli, and tonka-bean for a "seductive fragrance".

For the ladies, Amidala capture's Padme's "royal elegance" and "strong, indomitable will" in "elegant and sensual" vanilla, musk, and patchouli with notes of apple and tangerine.

The bottle for the Jedi fragrance is even shaped (vaguely) like a lightsabre handle. :rolleyes: