Royal Guard Glaive wall mount


Dark Lord of the Typos
Just wanted to share my new Glaive wall mount that I received this week. This mount was designed and built by Kevin Ward of Halon Customs. He’s a Mando Merc and some may remember his booth at All-Con this year, where he had a wide variety of engraved wood and plexiglass items, including saber and helmet stands, plaques, and dog tags. I approached Kevin at All-Con about making a wall mount for my glaive (the weapon used by Royal Guards in the Crimson Empire comics).

We decided wood would be best to support the weight, and I went with a red mahogany finish. He came up with the idea of adding slots on the arms to hold the blades, which works out great. He designed the mount from scratch, and sent me concept art for approval, then proceeded to make it. It includes an engraved Royal Guard helmet, and my Legion ID.

The grand total for this was $80, which included priority shipping. I’m currently redoing my Star Wars room, so I don’t have a place to hang it yet, hence the photos of me holding it or it setting on the couch.

His website is if you want to see some of his other work or contact him.




With blades stored behind the hilt


Just the blades


With blades extending from the hilt (almost 7 feet long)