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I found this costuming group recently and have been working on having a finished uniform in time for Star Wars Fan Days IV in October.

Welcome to the Imperial Services Organization, a charity support group that aids other similar organizations in their missions–particularly the 501st Stormtrooper Legion, Vader’s Fist. We like to think of ourselves as the Stormtroopers’ version of a U.S.O.
The I.S.O. hopes to . . .

• Capture the spirit of a country united under a support mission, similar to the movement in America, circa World War II.

• Be inspired by and expand upon the World War II imagery that is already interwoven throughout the Star Wars saga.

• Utilitze tasteful, vintage, romanticized images of femininity.

• Specialize in morale boosting for troopers serving overseas, and continually express appreciation for people in military service.

• Create an identity for the women who support those troopers who are on the front lines.

DSC_0402 by craftingthegalaxy, on Flickr

The RSO has appeared in the Clone Wars webcomic, by artist Tom Hodges.


Terran Lyn of the RSO

Here is a young member of the RSO wearing her field armor at 2011's San Diego Comic Con.

SDCC_SUN 013 by bonniegrrl, on Flickr

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