R2 Shampoo Dispenser

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Yet another R2-shaped product joins the list. There's no R2-D2 version, but there are three other R2 units to choose from and one R4 unit.

This is from TheForce.net (the link to the original shop isn't working for me at the moment) ...

Astromech Shampoo Dispensers
Is there anything an astromech droid can't do? Apparently, dispensing shampoo can be added to the list of the fiesty little droid's many useful capabilities.

You can order your "Star Wars R2 Shampoo Pump Dispenser" at NCSXShop.com.

Unfortunately, R2-D2 is not a choice to be purchased. On the otherhand, for a price of US$18, your choices include:
  • R4-P17 (red/white)
  • R2-Q5 (black)
  • R2-A6 (green/white)
  • R2-R9 (red/silver)

Buzz Bumble

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I remember seeing an R2-D2 Bubble Bath bottle in a toy shop a few years ago (about the time of Episode I), so that's your head and body clean ... all you need now is an R2 toothpaste dispenser and you're clean from top to toe. ;)

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And, just before you get into the bath / shower you can put all your dirty clothes in the R2 laundry basket.

And if you're having a bath, you can get the remote-control R2-D2 to bring you a can of soda while watching a movie via the R2-D2 projector.

Plus, I spoke too soon. There already is / was an R2-toothbrush (I'm not 100% sure it's a real product) and an R2-shaped soap bar ...

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Had one of the vintage R2 soaps ages ago but it broke down over the years.. nice Shampoo dispensers though....


ha! ha! That's just crazy! I kinda wish they's ues other characters besides R2-D2, He seems to be the main droid on all the Japanese products. they should go with Boba Fett or Jango fett. :D