Puerto Rico Comic Com 2011


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On May 21-22, the Puerto Rico Comic Com 2011 will take place in the Convention Center. This will be the 7th time they do this type of event which had many names thru the years (I think they skipped 2008). Previous celebrities had included Ray Park, Daniel Logan, Peter Mayhew, Billy Dee Williams. Last year they try to diversify to other movies with background werewolf #2 from the Twilight Movies.

But this year they bring lots of celebrities with:

1. Johnny Yong Bosch - a former Power Range and voice-over artist. Look he has a big fan base here with all the comments posted in PR CC facebook page.
2. Larry Hama - Writer of GI Joe, Bucky O'Hare and Wolverine.
3. Maggot Kidder - Lois Lane from the 70s-80s Superman Movies.
4. Doug Jones - From Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth.

This will be my fourth time I go to PRCC. Last year was a little disappointing not for lack of a good celebrity, but there were fewer vendors on-site. Seems this year they added more vendors so I hope to find some goodies this time.

Of course, they will be lots and lots of CosPlay. Mostly will be from anime and manga which have a big fanbase here. As always fans of Star Wars will attend as their favorite characters. The local 501st even has a booth. I wish I could attend both day but it probably be there only on Saturday. Larry Hama and Doug Jones will do Q&A sessions on that day. I would love to also see Maggot Kidder Q&A on Sunday but I guess I will meet her on Saturday on her autograph booth. Hope it will lots of fun and I am expecting to take lots of photos.
Sounds like a perfect time to vacation down south. How big is the convention center and how many people attend the convention do you figure?


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I think the convention center is big enough for the PRCC. I estimate like between 3,000 people for both days more or less. It seems this year they expect more attendance this year. From the Fan page most cosplay will be from anime and manga but there is always a good representation from scifi and comics. The local 501st will have a booth there. Last year wasn't as good as previous year but it seems that the organizer hear the fans and added more space for vendors and bring more celebrities guests.

Here photos from last year

And from 2007


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PR Comic Con was this weekend and was a success. Both days were packed (more the Saturday than Sunday). There were lots of CosPlay, although most of them were from Anime/Manga that I am not familiar. All the Q&A sessions that I attended, I think Doug Jones was the best. He was funny guy, who talk everything from he wanted to keep Silver Surfer costume to go to the beach to how he met Guillermo del Toro. So if you have an opportunity to go to his Q&A session you will love it. It seems that he will hug anyone that has seen Warrior of Virtue.
Another great Q&A session was Margot Kidder. She talk about how she since 9 years old wanted to be an actress and that she never read a Superman comic because her mother never let her read comics. Also she shared her memories of filming the original Superman and how she by mistake punches Sara Douglas (Ursa) and she never let her forget it.
In addition to the cosplay and celebrity guests, the PRCC also had an X-box and PS3 gaming area, cosplay contest, laser tag arena, Card Games area, many local comics booth, a booth for the 501st Legion, a room playing many anime series, and many people giving free hugs. There were many vendors with vintage toys, plush toys, Anime DVDs from Japan, games from old consoles like N64, game cube, etc… I got myself a little AT-AT and Sebulba’s Pod Racer. So that was the end of another Comic Con. They already announced next year dates (Memorial Day Weekend). Hope next year will be as good or better.

Photos from the Comic Con


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You may get a hug from Doug Jones if you say that you watched Warriors of Virtue.