Pod Race 1

Jar Jar Binks

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A fairly uneventful race today.
Mawhonic won, followed by Teemto Pagalies in 2nd and Bozzie Baranta in 3rd.


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Player standings after Day 4

18 joewhite
13 deathstar
12 JediBeagle
12 Alf
9 Mark Jade
7 han solo
7 redleader
6 wookiee_cookiee
6 Feilerudo
6 phijeww
6 sandtrooperj
4 rogueace2000
4 xwing25
4 chilaquil66
3 Nightwing


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Today's Racers
  • Ben Quadinaros
  • Bozzie Baranta
  • Clegg Holdfast
  • Ody Mandrell
  • Sebulba
  • Toy Dampner


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Podrace... Day 5

I've noticed that some type of orb-shaped black probe droids are following some of the racers.

I will bet on Bozzie Barranta since his pod has frequency jamming emitters.:shocked:

Jar Jar Binks

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Wow, looks lke a major upset for the players but not for the crowd.
Sebulba had no problems winning this one. He was followed by Bozzie Baranta in 2nd and Toy Dampner in 3rd.