Pod Race 1


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Here are the players standings after Day 1

6 wookiee_cookiee
6 joewhite
3 deathstar
3 han solo
1 redleader
1 Nightwing
0 phijeww
0 xwing25
0 rogueace2000
0 JediBeagle


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Today's Racers
  • Clegg Holdfast
  • Elan Mak
  • Mars Guo
  • Ratts Tyrell
  • Slide Paramita
  • Wan Sandage

Jar Jar Binks

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Let's get to know one of todays racers...

Elan Mak
There's a very good reason why Elan Mak glows with rage. His real name is Kam Nale and he's the son of a Fluggrian crime lord who has been recently murdered. Mak believes the assassin is none other than pilot Aldar Beedo. So the young Mak has joined the circuit seeking revenge.


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I'm going with Nale Kam....a.k.a. Elan Mak -c'mon baby, papa needs a new pair of shoes!

by the way, my real name is wwejihp, yet I post as phijeww....
Hmmm, imagine that, Wookiee_cookiee is in first place. Who could have ever seen that coming? ;) Maybe I should pick Mar Guo too since that's what W.C. picked and she's going to win anyways.

I pick Mars too! ;)

Jar Jar Binks

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It is a very close race but Slide Paramita has lived up to his name by sliding into first as they head into the final lap.