Plourr Ilo and Dllr Nep Comics Packs found at Ross


Dark Lord of the Typos
Yesterday I stopped in Ross, which is a discount retailer. Most of their stuff is leftovers or overstock from other chains or distributors. They often get exclusive or unusual toys. Currently the had some of the GI Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra Desert Attack vehicles and/or figures. I never saw some of these at retail....I think most store were too hung on the eearlier waves of movie toys. Anyway, they also had the Heroes of the Republic (or whatever it's called) Clone Blaster for the Wii, for like $7, a Clone Wars bop bag for $3.99, and Star Wars Hoppers (those heavy duty balls with a handle on kids sit on them and hop) for $4.99. Some unusual stuff.

Anyway, they also had a peg full of the Entertainment Earth exclusive X-Wing comic packs (with Plourr Ilo and Dllr Nep) for only $5.99. (This one was an EE exclusive prior to the line cancellation and the release of the final four pack as EE exclusives).

So I snagged one (would have liked to have gotten all those other items too) :p This set was the one comic pack I didn't have, and EE happened to be sold out of them. I think I now have a complete set of all the comic packs. For what it's worth, there appear to have been 55 different comic packs produced (not counting variation in figures or packaging). Of those, there are 46 consecutively numbered comics (numbered on the inside cover), plus numbers 48-49, 51-55, 59, and 75. Which makes you wonder if Hasbro really had 21 other comic packs on the to-do list or not. For that matter, 75 could have been a typo and should have been numbered 57, suggesting only 5 other potential packs on the drawing boards. We know from the back of the last packs that there was a (rather lame) 2-pack planned for a Classic Star Wars issue featuring a white-colored X-Wing Luke and Han in what appeared to be all-black.

Anyway, if you have a Ross near you, it might be worth a look.