Original Trilogy SE canvas shopping bags

Buzz Bumble

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A couple of years ago I was lucky enough one day to stumble across these Original Trilogy canvas shopping bags in the local Kmart branch here in New Zealand ... and from memory they only cost NZ$1 each (about US$0.80 at current exchange rates)!! I went back the next day to get more (they'd make great gifts for Star Wars fans), but they were all gone from the two branches I tried. :( They also has some Super Mario bags and a few others, but these days they're all plain ones.

Each bag has a nice image on the front, and a quote and movie logo on the back. The cardboard tag says on the back that they are "Made in China by The Promotions Factory" and seem to be fully official LucasFilm-licensed products. The bag itself is about 12" across x 14" down (30cm x 35cm).

A New Hope



The Empire Strikes Back



Return of the Jedi





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Nice! I would love those. I got a large Celebration V logo bag at CV in 2010, but once Warren found out it was the perfect size for his royal guard helmet, I don't get to use it much anymore. :p


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Those bags are awesome Buzz. And for your information, I use all sorts of Star Wars stuff. Like....umm.....well....you know..........yeah. Stuff!

Actually, I use a SW blanket and my vintage Lando Calrissian glass all the time. And I use a vintage sleeping bag from time to time.