Omegacom - Birmingham, AL

Sen Enteel

Fandom Comics PR
Hello everyone. I'm Dawn and I represent Fandom Comics ( We produce online Star Wars Comics and Fan Sourcebooks for Star Wars RPG D20.

Is anyone near the Birmingham, Alabama area? They are hosting a Science Fiction convention St. Patrick's Day weekend in 2008. Far away, I know, but Fandom Comics has been asked to come down as guests to present step by step how to create your own web comic and have it become an internet success. We'll have our own table, plus we'll be running a Star Wars LARP and two of our members will sit as guests on the Expanded Universe Panel.

The trick is this: Since this convention is not primarily a Star Wars one, we're trying to have as many Star Wars fans as possible come down and show our presence. There will be a Star Wars panel, Star Wars RPGs, and several tables (ours included) dedicated to material. Also, you may notice that several of the literary guests are prominent writers of a few of the EU novels.

If you live in the SouthEast US and plan to come, Omegacon's Website is at We can start a discussion about the con here.

For those of you that are interested in the con and our online comic presentation, or interested in our online comics in general, visit our website at to see everything that we've produced so far. We just updated Tales of Chu'Unthor with Page 7, so you'll even have brand new material to read. :)