Oh Ya!

According to this article at starwars.com posted June 19/03 I am the man (in a matter of speaking).

R2-D2 has been in every movie and toy line. There isn't any mention of him yet in Clone Wars but give it time. He always played a key role in the origional trilogy but seemed to have taken a diminished role in the prequels until now.

I have always know R2-D2 would be the #1 character from the Star Wars Saga since day 1. While everybody was out there collecting Boba Fett, Yoda, Vader, and Luke I was patiently hoarding all the R2s I could find.

I have mentioned before That I've only collected Star Wars between May 13/02 - May 13/03. One of my goals being to collect one of every carded variation of R2-D2. I reached 32 moc R2s. Well it looks like I'll need to start up again soon. :evil:

There are alot more variations out there, but I will find them.:cool:


Ewok Cheif
Thats a lot of R2s....say....if I were to find a special variation or error, would you ever consider buying it from me?......I occasionally find tiny little errors the I never have seen before anywhere else...
I am always ready to condiser buying R2s. If it has a serial #, language, bubble, positioning, or background variation, whatever I don't have in the 3 3/4" catagory --I'll buy it. Not for a "million" dollars of course.
I said it looks like I'll need to start up collecting again soon and couldn't hold back. I picked up 2 more R2s which brings me to 34.

I went to my local store (Legends) today and picked up:

*POTF2 FF R2-D2 on Tri-logo card
*AOTC R2-D2 with flying "Nun" action on Tri-logo

Like I said before Oh Ya!


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Well, he is a cool droid but I think we need to find some terms of definition.

Are you an astroholic?

PS: My first ever MOC was a Tri-logo Artoo with sensorscope.
I have a buddy over at TPU who is a Jango nut. I'm sure he'd buy it in a heart beat. He collects Jango like I collect ]