Official Pix Replacement?

Bryan Price

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I used to purchased the nice quality 8x10's from Official Pix for the TTM autos. Now that OP does not have a the Star Wars license, does anyone know where to purchase nice quality 8x10's or pictures in any size or do I need to look into a good quality printer?

Buzz Bumble

Furry Ewok
There are the ones in the RYAN-J's Fan-Made Autograph pictures topic, although I don't know what size they are.

You can take a CD / USB thumb drive of correctly sized image files to the local photo print shop to get them printed - they should have much better equipment than you'll get at home (unless you're planning to spend thousands of dollars). As long as they're JPEG files, the print shop doesn't care if they are actual photos or "cards" created in Publisher / etc.

I did that once for someone who wanted some photos for a locket they were giving to their daughter. I had to manipulate and scale the photos to the correct size and shape, and then made a photo-sized sheet containing multiple copies of each locket-photo. I took that to the photo print shop (cost something like NZ$1) and then cut them out.

Bryan Price

New Recruit
Or just take some JPGs to walmart and print them out?
Also, is Wattographs no more? Havent been able to get the page to load for a few days now.