(Off Topic) Cobra Jungle Viper


Dark Lord of the Typos
This is completely off topic, but recently I bought a Cobra Jungle Viper figure from the new Pursuit of Cobra action figure line. This is one of the coolest figures I've seen in a long time. Basically, he's a stealth/camo Jungle sniper who has a techno camoflauge outfit including a metal bladed cloak that looks like palmetto or palm fronds. Hard to describe, but very cool looking. Basically, take a vintage Night Viper figure, with sniper scopes in place of night vision goggles, add in a hint of Night Creeper ninja, and then stick on some green Archangel bladed wings from X-Men, and you've got a Jungle Viper. Top it all off with a long range sniper cannon...er...rifle.....that closely resembles the Harkoenen cannon used in the Hellsing anime.

Long story short....if you ever see one in the store...check it out...it's cool. On the back of the card they even have a toy diorama photo with Joe soldiers advancing and four Jungle Vipers hidden in plain sight.