Obi-Wan in Jedi Training


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If you notice on the Force File under vital statistics, Obi-Wan is listed as MODEL...Human! That happened on Obi-Wan in Snow gear as well! Everyone else that is Human is listed as Species...Human, not Model. Is Hasbro giving us some sort of spoiler? Is Obi-Wan actually a droid? A clone? Could we find out the clones are based on him and not Jango Fett? It's hard to believe that Hasbro would make the same misprint on two different figures. Any thoughts?


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Very observant. I hadn't noticed this with the Jedi Armor. It possibly could be a spoiler but here is what I think.
Could it be possible that the Force File is just a template that is being re-used? This would clear up the whole MODEL issue. But still, why wouldn't this be the same instance with the Choco shell Obi-Wan?
Anyone have the answer to this?