Ni How Ma! (How are you?)


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Love the look, love the site. Lots of new interest here....Great Members! Anyone gotta extra pic of a deathstar???


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thanks for the compliment.

are you asking for a deathstar avatar?

we may make a few adjustments to the avatars........i am under the impression that our Canadian friends might like a few more snowtrooper avatars. is this true?



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We have 100 avatars to choose from. LOL

I wonder if people would get frustrated looking through all of them, if we added any more. I'll consider it though.


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Here's the deal. I'm going to leave the avatars as they are unless someone specifically asks for me to make a change.

You should be aware, and many of you already are, that you can use your own custom avatar in these forums. It needs to be no bigger than 65x65 pixels and less than 20k. Try to keep the size as small as you can for everyone else's sake. My avatar is only 6k, Darth Aussie's is 10k, Am Shak's is 9k, and Talon's is 15k. This is just to give you an idea. All of ours have animation, which obviously adds to the filesize. 20k is generous and I don't want any complaints. :D

Also, if it is reported that anyone's avatar is offensive, I will take the same action that I'll take with obscene custom titles, etc. The offensive object will be removed and the user at fault will be warned. You will only be warned once!

There are a couple of different ways to go about giving yourself a custom avatar. I'll let you guys experiment with this on your own. I will be happy to give anyone help with this if they get stuck.