[Newspaper] The force wasn't with him

Buzz Bumble

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A weird Star Wars connection from yesterday's NZ Herald (20 June, 2014) ...

The force wasn't with him
A Mexican citizen suspected in the killing of a man who tried to pay a debt with Star Wars action figures has been deported. US Customs officials say Pablo Christian Larumbe Rojas, 34, was turned over to authorities in Mexico at a San Diego-area border crossing. Rojas was arrested earlier this year in connection with the slaying of Carlos Palomares Maldonado. Maldonado owed criminal associates of Rojas about US$3000 and offered to settle the debt by trading his Star Wars figures. Maldonado disappeared after going to Rojas' home in Mexico with the figures in September.

Watch out for those cheap figures on eBay ... you may be helping criminals ... and there may be a ghost following trying to get them back. ;)