New Target Exclusives


Dark Lord of the Typos
Got some Target info.

Next week, during the 4-day ad before Thanksgiving, Target will have it's exclusive Geonosis Arena 2-packs on sale for 9.99...regularly $12.99. For those of you who want to shop can bring your receipt back next week and get refunded the difference.

Also, some stores (not mine) have started receiving the exclusive large scale TIE Fighter with new resculpted cockpit and fuselage. It is also available online. $39.99 087-06-0639

On todays truck we received three cases of new Target exclusive Clone Wars battle packs. These have a different DPCI from regular battle packs, and a different price point $24.99, versus $23.99 for regulars. DPCI: 087-06-0751 The battle packs recreate scenes from the cartoon.

Assault on Ryloth (include Mace Windu, Commander Cody ..probably because Commander Ponds is a TRU exclusive....and two unique Clones.....Waxer and Boil) So..2 new figs..2 apparent repacks.

Ambush at Abregado (includes Plo Koon, Rocket-Pack Battle Droid, and two unique new clones...forgot the names already). Again, 2 new, 2 repacks.

My Target never received the Phantom Menace wave of figures, but we did just get in a case of Jabba's Palace/Battle of Endor figures in.


Dark Lord of the Typos
Hmmm...haven't really been paying attention to the new TIEs...I'll have to look into that. FYI, Target will be getting exclusive Vintage Style vehicle packaging for the Snowspeeder and TIE later this year (toy will be the same as the standard package though). They will also have 6 more Geonosis battle packs, and 2 Hoth Battle packs, one with a Turret, the other with a BIG last year's Walmart exclusive. Target will also be carrying 3-packs of mini-mighty muggs.


Dark Lord of the Typos
Just thought I'd let everyone know that Target's new exclusives should be arriving in stores now,
and will be going on a toy focal (at least, in the tores that have focals). I looked in the backroom
and was able to place my hands on all the new product. We got in about one case of each so far.
The focal is due to reset next week (week of 10/17), but I will be building the one in my store on

New product includes:

087-06-2249 Hoth Battle Packs $39.99 each (Defense of Hoth includes rebels, turret, and radar
laser cannon; Assault on Hoth includes Troopers, E-Web cannon and big AT-ST)

087-06-0436 Mini Muggs 3-Packs $12.99 each (I think) (Bossk/Boba Fett/IG-88; Yoda/Darth
Vader/Stormtrooper; Cad Bane/Capt. Rex/Anakin (?))

087-06-0173 Geonosis Arena 2-Packs $12.99 (6 new 2-packs....with a different DPCI than the
current 2-packs...mostly looks like repacks....there is a new human male Jedi and a Rodian Jedi

087-06-2250 Clone Wars 2-packs $14.99 (Cad Bane and IG-86 appears to be a repack, and
Senate Commando Captain (Captain Jayfon) and Senate Commando (grunt))

087-06-2251 Clone Wars Collector packs $24.99 (4-packs from 2 episodes: one includes clones
Capt Rex, Slick, Chopper, and Gus, the other includes mercs from the Season 1 finale including
2 different blue Commando Droids, Weequay, and the little blue fish-type guy).

087-06-2252 Vintage package Snowspeeder or TIE Fighter....didn't check price....guessing
between $24.99-$29.99 each

I'm hoping to snag a number of these next week with an extra discount coupon I have (along with
a BAT-AT and CW Season 2)....but the grand total is high enough I'll probably have to hold off
on most of these for now. :(

The product is out there though...most stores should have it in the back room.