New Mighty Beanz items - and SALE


Dark Lord of the Typos
Found the exclusive Death Star Tin locally at TRU in Longview, TX. $24.99, they had several. Holds a total of 32 Beanz, includes exclusives Grand Moff Tarkin (093) and Imperial Gunner (092).


TRU also had 4-packs with a red sticker highlighting the inclusion of Clone Wars beanz. These are the former Walmart exclusives...only with a new sticker placed over the Walmart Exclusive sticker.


At Target I found a Darth Vader lightaber flip track with exclusive Bespin Luke Skywalker (090).


Lastly, starting 4/10, Target will have some of it's Beanz on sale and/or Temporary Price Cut. Vader Tins will be only $8.00 while 4-packs will be about $4.50 (50 cents off). Not sure if the Falcon or Sabers will be on sale.