New Hasbro 12" Figures

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... and boy are they ugly!! :(

Apparently the new Hasbro 12" figures have been appearing in Canadian shops and on American webstores. The webstores are charging around US$13 each (or US$25 for the pair) ... they're not worth that much.

HAS22551.jpg has a larger view of the Anakin figure here for those who really want to blind themselves.

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Someone on the Star Wars New Zealand forum has posted that the new Hasbro 12" Clonetrooper and Anakin Skywalker figures have shown up in their local branch of The Warehouse chain of stores. They're priced at NZ$22.99 (US$19.23), which isn't too bad considering the 3 3/4" figures are NZ$18 (and can be up to NZ$22 in some other toy stores) ... at least until you actually look at the ugly 12" figures themselves. ;)

Also new on the shelves down here at The Warehouse are the 3 3/4" scale "Yoda green card vehicle range", priced at NZ$39.99 (US$33.44) each - MTT Droid Fighter, 501st Legion AT-RT, and Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter.

They didn't mention the quantities available, but that particular branch is one of the smaller ones anyway. I visited a couple of my local branches yesterday and there was no sign of either of these ranges there yet. (What I did see was boxes and boxes of the Star Wars Fighter Pod Series 1 packs still sitting on the storage shelves above the pegs - so there's still tons of those that haven't even been put out yet. :()


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We have these in the backroom at work. The Anakin does not look as good as your photo....he has blue eyes and kinda of a vacant look. Not too thrilled with the face sculpt either. The Clone is kinda cool. Very reminiscent of the vintage Stormtrooper figure. I'll probably snag a Clone at some point. Still begs the question on Hasbro always quoting plastic prices. These are being sold at a cheap price point and have a heck of a lot more plastic than a 3 inch figure.

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Still amazed at how bad you guys have it on toy prices. :(

It's not just toy prices ... it's pretty much everything. :(

A few weeks ago there was a newspaper article about how a bottle of New Zealand made wine costs more to buy here than it does in the UK or US. (I don't drink wine, so don't really care, but it's a recent example.) Even things like NZ butter and NZ lamb cost more to buy here than it does to buy the exact same product in the UK, and farming is supposed to be the biggest industry here. There was also another article last week about how New Zealand is one of the most expensive places for tourists to visit, and that's excluding the airfare / boat trip to get here! (By the way, don't bother coming here to visit Hobbiton, it's horribly over-priced!) Plus another aricle about how Auckland city is one of the most expensive in the world to buy a house.

Due to the local bookshops being completely hopeless these days at getting new Star Wars books, I've been started getting my books via webstores, and getting them from costs about half the price they used to cost in stores here and about two-thirds the cost of local webstores (even if BookDepository didn't have free shipping, it would still be cheaper!)