New costumes for me


Dark Lord of the Typos
So, the mailman was very kind today and brought me costumes! Got in my new gray and black Imperial jumpsuits that I had been waiting on.


The gray one is an Imperial Scanning Crew outfit....although with a gray hat and headset it can be a bridge crewman, or with a helmet it can be an AT-ST Pilot. Add a whole bunch more armor and it's also an AT-AT Pilot.

The black outfit is generic Imperial Crewman...which is essentially the same as a TIE Pilot without all the gear. Many of the crewmen you see on the Death Star II are actually TIE Pilot officers. Add a helmet and some chest armor, and you have an Imperial Gunner. This I hope to do one day.

I need to do a little work on these...the patches aren't sewn on yet...and I need to punch the belt. Otherwise they are ready to wear. I got these so I would have something to wear during the summer other than my Royal Guard....also something that allows me to do stuff....the Guard robes limit what I can actually do. This allows me to sit at a table and interact with people...or I could just shop a convention dealer room.