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Star Wars Yoda Backpack It's the backpack that looks like a plush figure - That's why it's called the Yoda Back Buddy! This 24" Back Buddy conveys all the dignity of a Jedi master, whether you sit him on your desk or strap him to your back. The Back Buddy includes a carrying pouch large enough to carry books, DVDs, and even a spare Ewok! The "Force will be with you" when you carry this cool bag!

Darth Vader 8" Pewter Statue Corkscrew This solid pewter Darth Vader Statue originally retailed for $125. Quantities are limited!

Darth Vader Ceramic Figural Mug This 24 oz figural mug features a removable lid and is dishwasher safe and lead free. Stands nearly 7” tall.

Darth Vader Water Globe New series of stunning water globes featuring your favorite Star Wars characters! Each piece is ready for immediate display.

Jabba the Hut 12" Figure by Sideshow The 12-inch Scale Jabba the Hutt figure includes: Authentic Jabba the Hutt figure, cast in vinyl Detailed paint & slobber detail Articulated arms (ball-jointed at the shoulder) Shipping 1st quarter 2007.

Salacious B. Crumb Creature Pack by Sideshow The Salacious B. Crumb Creature Pack features: Salacious B. Crumb - with ball-jointed shoulders Ghoel - Wol Caba****e - with bendy tongue and magnetic body, Worrt and Sand Skitter. Shipping 1st quarter 2007.

Bib Fortuna 12" Figure by Sideshow The 12-inch Bib Fortuna figure includes: Fully articulated male body with 30+ points of articulation Authentic likeness of Bib Fortuna Detailed costume including: Traditional Ryloth Robe Gown Pants Waistband Armored chestplate Boots Accessories including: Nefarious Knife Jabba's frog-like favorite snackfood Drinking glass Interchangeable hands, including: Pointing Hand left Pointing Hand right Gripping Hand left Gripping Hand right 12-Inch Figure Display Base with Star Wars logo Shipping 4th quarter 2006.

Give John a call at 1-800-505-TOYS, let him know the The Bothan Spy sent you and get the TBS special (phone orders only).

In addition to that, take 10% off online orders when you enter promotional code DISC10 and that's for anything on the site.