Need a Morrison or Laga'ai sig? Looking to trade!


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I have very nice 8x10 laser printed photos of Temuera Morrison & Jay Laga'aia signed. I am looking to trade it for a SW celeb I don't have. Morrison signed it with his name and "Jango Fett", while Jay signed it with his name and "Captain Typho".

My dream trades? Shelagh Fraser, Alex McCrindle, Ted Burnett, Alfie Curtis or other SW actors/actresses that have unfortunately passed away obviously. But if you have any extras (8x10) please let me know and we'll see.

Please email me at if interested.


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wish I had something to spare for that Lagaia. Oh well, I'll run into him sooner or later. I don't have many spares, let alone 8X10's or unpersonalized. :p

On a side note, an ICM address for Alfie Curtis popped up last week. This begs the he dead..or not? I'm assuming so, but I'm going to investigate.