Nahdar Vebb mail-away form online


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This is a few days old now, sorry I couldn't post it sooner.

For those who can't wait, you can print out a redemption form and mail away for a Nahdar Vebb figure now. :) The elegible figure assortments are the standard figures availabe now/these past two years.


Collect and save the UPC codes of any 5 figures from the Star Wars® Build a droid (87535 Asst.), Saga Legends (87995 Asst.), Star Wars®: The Clone Sars™ (87638 or 94736 Asst.), or the Vintage (87568 Asst.) collections.

Print redemption form

Put the completed certificate in a stamped envelope including all 5 UPC codes and a check or money order for $6.99 (US) or $8.99 (Can.), made out to Figure Redemption Inc., and mail to:

Star Wars® 2009 Premium Item Offer
PO Box 10790
Bozeman MT 59719-0790

All requests must be postmarked by June 30, 2010.


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