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Well, I'm new. I'm the great thorn in the side of the Jawa boards, and I was recommended to check the place out so here I am!

Thanks for the welcome Am Shak!


Visit vacation paradise!

Hey Redleader79! Bout time you arrived :D We post together over at Jawa and we've been waiting for you here...Big Welcome.
Who am I??? :rockon:


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Welcome Redleader79!

Make yourself at home...... BUT DON'T TOUCH NOTHING!!!!! :satan:
Just kidding!


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AH HA! Deathstar- You can't be joewhite, so you are no other than.......(drum roll)

my old postin buddy SithKnight!

Am I right? I have to be right. I'm a super sleuth!:D


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Hey Redleadder79, glad you joined in. i don't think the jawas will mind too much if you come by and visit the bothans from time to time. Other than this site, of course, the jawa has always been my favorite. Just watch out for that blueharvest guy:melt:

Just kiddin' :bday: :vader:


Visit vacation paradise!

Redleader; Cripes! This place is full of Spy's and Informers!
Can't keep a secret here. Anyway, welcome again and we have a great bunch of Internat'l cousins here. Especially BlueHarvest. You can dress him up, but can't take him anywhere!
:D Just kidding, My Bro!
Remember..If you bring over Joewhite we may all get expelled.:scatter:
Deathstar aka: SithKnight


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I knew it! joewhite's not the kind to go and change his name to be sneaky! We've been keeping in touch lately, but I don't know for sure if he knows about these boards.

Blueharvest has quite the reputation around here!


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ME!?! Reputation?... Nahhhhh... Just havin some fun! Life's too short, ya gotta get in there and muck it up a bit!:scatter:

I have to take myself with a grain of salt... I mean, I collect toys, or as my wife likes to call them.. Dollies!... Yes, I'm a grown man.. Yes, I collect dollies! Yes, I know what a duvet is!