My Most Wanted.


New Recruit
Toy Fair Exclusive Silver Anniversary Darth Vader MOC
Unleashed Unmasked Darth Vader MOC
Unleashed Darth Vader (Black Card) MOC
Unleashed Jango Fett MOC
Unleashed Anakin Skywalker (Episode II AOTC Version) MOC
Unleashed Mace Windu (Black Card) MOC
Unleashed Darth Maul MOC
Unleashed Princess Leia (Black Card) MOC
Unleashed Obi-Wan Kenobi (Black Card) MOC
Unleashed Luke Skywalker (Black Card) MOC
Unleashed Darth Sidious (Black Card) MOC

I'm trying to complete my black card unleashed figure ccollection. I'm missing most of the first releases. I'm up for trading, as I have MOC Marvel Legends figures I will trade off (have some variations and an error). I also have some MOC LOTR figures. PM me if you'd like a list of what I have.