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You may be familiar with the 'reply' link that appears in the lower right corner of messages. Clicking on this link takes the contents of the related message and adds them as a quote in the quick reply box. You can do this as often as you like for message that appear on the same page.

There is now a new link next to 'reply' called 'quote'. Clicking on 'quote' will add the message to the muli-quote system. You can continue to add quotes to the multi-quote system from any thread throughout the site. When you're ready to post a message, click on the 'insert quotes' button next to the text editor. This will open an overlay in which you can review your quoted messages. From this overlay, you can remove any quotes that you no longer wish to use as well as re-order the quotes by dragging and dropping them (be default, quotes are ordered by post date). Once you're satisfied with your selection of quotes, click the 'quote these messages' button and they will all be added to your new message.