More Target One-Spot items


Dark Lord of the Typos
A few new Star Wars items are hitting Target's One-Spot.

There is a $3 Angry Birds stationery pack, a $1 jumbo R2 eraser, and a $1 Yoda paddle-ball. There may also be a jumbo Angry Birds pen.




Buzz Bumble

Furry Ewok
I haven't seen any of those down here in New Zealand (yet?), but yesterday I did see some new Angry Birds Star Wars Playing Cards - they come in four different collectible tins and with, presumably four, different "bonus" 3D cards. (During yesterday's travels I also saw the Lego Star Wars Plant & Vehicle Series 3 packs, but nothing else new.)


Dark Lord of the Typos
I haven't seen any series 3 planets in person yet. I've got 5 of the 6 planets so far..mostly all on clearance. :) The Angry Birds card tins have been available here for a few months....I haven't picked them up but I was impressed with the packaging.


Dark Lord of the Typos

Here's a jumbo pen (11 inches) that is $1 at Target. There is also a light-up Darth Vader Yo-Yo. I think that's it for this round of One-Spot items...there's not a SW specific section like there was last reset.