Mighty Beanz Falcon case at Target


Dark Lord of the Typos
The Mighty Beanz Millenium Falcon storage case is now available at Target. This past fall, it was a Toys R Us exclusive. The packaging has received some minor upgrades and will probably turn up at other retailers as well.

I don't have a TRU version of this, but there appear to be several minor package changes, although the toy seems to be the same.

Notable differences are:
- 5+ Years Logo has moved up, TRU Sticker is gone (top left corner)
- Holds 40 Beanz and yellow arrow added (top right corner)
- blue warning boxes in multiple languages have changed order (bottom front)
- clear plastic harness holding Falcon in place is now in a different configuration (was shaped like an upside down Y......now shaped like 3 crossed lines or an asterisk *)
- new version has Han & Chewie Beanz visible sitting in the cockpit (yellow arrow is pointing at them). TRU Falcon may not have Beanz in cockpit.