LTS: 6FT. tall acrylic rotating display case


Sith Medic
I have an excellent condition 6ft tall acrylic display case. that used to house watches in a store. my uncle received it yrs. ago and used to display his nascar hot wheels size cars. about 5 yrs ago he decided to give it to me to display my action figs in. he said it was very expensive. so i took it and put star wars figs. inside on those clear disks and it was awesome. since i have slowed down in the star wars collecting and have packed most of my star wars stuff up my so bumped the display and knocked some of the action figs down. so it pretty much has been sitting in my family room doing nothing. motor runs it turns and has a light also locks i believe it has the key in it also. excellent condition no scratches that are noticeable to my eyes. looking for interest and offers. i live in NY and would consider shipping if paid by buyer in advance. serious offers only upon request.
Ah heck. Maybe. I'm just finishing my cinema room and will be starting the bar/lobby soon. I'm sure I can incorporate it into the decor. Lets see some pics and maybe I'll swing down for a beer or two. ;)