Lit Unleashed Boba Fett


Dark Lord of the Typos
So I recently brought home some motion activated LED spotlights from work. I cannibalized them out of a LEGO Bionicle display (we can't keep the displays). I've done this before to get an awesome motion activated light for my Vintage figure display. Anyway, these spotlights are too focused to light up a figure case....they just super-light up two areas of the case. So, I've been looking for a practiacal use for them. They'd be great for spotlighting parts of the wall, if only I had a good way to mount them.

Well, today I finally came up with a good use for them. I placed them under my Unleashed Boba Fett figure. If you own one of these, you've probably held a light underneath it before and noticed the jet pack exhaust flames light up. mine does just that whenever I walk by. :)

Check out the photo here:

or below