Latest errors from the Saga line

Ishi Tib

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Errors are those unique differences in the appearance of a figure or card which were not meant to occur. They can be found on just one figure or they could repeat themselves, showing up on several of the same toy or card.
When the oddity is noticeable enough. it will appeal to a wider range of people as it did several years ago with the tan vested Luke Jedi.
Errors are usually mishaps overlooked by the quality control department of the toy company producing the toy. Very often errors get corrected but many times they don't. Take for instance the black astromech R2-Q5 and the misspelled "Imperal" or Boba Fett's Freeze Frame and its wrongly written "Imprisioned," These errors were never fixed.
The Saga line has burst into the collecting community packed with errors of every sort. Omissions of the "tm" logo, loose lightsaber, words written for features which do not exist, unpainted parts and so forth. Today, we'll take a look at three errors which have been repeatedly appearing and are certainly very hard to come by giving them in the secondary market and amongst collectors, a very high value. Check out the detailed pictures and enjoy!


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