Kohl's Star Wars roundup


Dark Lord of the Typos
I made a hunting expedition to Kohl's this past week and thought I'd share some of the unique items that might only be found there.

Aside from a few action figures, puzzles, greeting cards, and a Lego Vader Hallmark ornament, Kohl's mainly has pajamas for the winter season.

I spotted four different sets of Star Wars boys pajamas, 3 of which I had not seen anywhere before. First is bright orange Lego Star Wars flannel pajama set.


Then a couple of pajama set 2-packs. This one has a red set, with a blue themed classic Lego character design. Flip the hanger over and there is another set of pajamas, this time blue with Lego characters all over it.


Another similar pair has a black and orange themed Lego design, and the other pair of pajamas is red with characters all over. This was too high to reach, so I couldn't flip it over for pic.


Kohl's also has a variety of Star Wars underwear packs for boys, including Classic, Clone Wars, and Lego themes.


These pajama sets are all pretty pricey, retailing around $40. However, Kohl's gimmick is to put items on sale for deep discounts, like 50%, making their price competitive with other retailers. Then, if you have a Kohl's card, you pretty much always have a 15-30% discount off the current prices of items. This certainly doesn't make them bargain prices, but if it's something you want, it may actually be at a price you are willing to pay.

In the Mens department they had more pajamas. Among them was a t-shirt and pant set that they were sold out of the day I wanted to snap a pic. It featured a black shirt with a Vader helmet on it, and black pants with white Star Wars logos all over. They were square folded and tied neatly.

Nearby were two different boxer gift sets. One is a Darth Vader figural tin with Vader boxers inside...same design as the above Vader shirt. These boxers are available available at Target and Walmart as well in slightly different packaging.

Another unique set is a pair of blue Star Wars logo boxers that come neatly stuffed into a foam Can Coozie of matching design.


Another item they had that I did not get picture of, is a black Family Guy t-shirt, in big bold letters stating "Come to the Dark Side...we have cookies" with Darth Stewie standing below it.