Just Returned From Filming...


A Harrison Ford movie!!!! :D:D I got a chance to be an extra in the movie "42" this week! As a huge Harrison Ford/ Star Wars/ Indiana Jones fan this is a dream come true!! It's the top of the bucket list for me! I got to film a few scenes and see HARRISON FREAKIN FORD in person!! :D I may even be in a scene with him!! Also saw Chadwick Boseman and Ryan Merriman but Chris Meloni and Jon Bernthal weren't there. We weren't allowed to ask for autographs though. :( It was very hard for me to watch him walk by just a few feet away, twice, and not be able to ask him for an autograph! : P One guy did ask him though, but Harrison told him no.

Unfortunately though, this means I probably won't be able to go to Celebration VI as this was very unexpected and I had to dig into my CVI fund for the trip. But I figured the odds of there being another Celebration are way higher than the odds of me getting another chance to be in a Harrison Ford movie, so I decided to be in the movie.


Dark Lord of the Typos
That's really awesome! I hope your scene makes it into the movie. You may still make it to C6 yet....but you're right...there will be more Celebrations. Keep us updated when the movie comes out so we can look for you. :)