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Corpse Bride 12 inch Statue In the wake of a disastrous rehearsal, Victor Van Dort goes into the woods to practices his vows. He even goes so far as to place the wedding ring meant for Victoria, his bride to be, onto a tree root. Victor does the vows so perfectly that the tree root grabs hold of him. The root reveals itself as the decaying corpse of a woman wearing the tattered remains of a wedding gown. Now only $179.95 In stock! more info»

McFarlane Simpsons Box Ironic Punishment The first Simpsons Box Set from McFarlane!.Ironic Punishment deluxe box set features Homer in hell being forced to eat (well...maybe not forced) all the donuts in the world after selling his soul for one donut. In stock. Only $24.95! more info»

Premium Format 1/4 Scale 7 of 9 Figure The Premium Format Seven of Nine figure represents Star Trek's most famous borg in 1/4 Scale, a the perfect blend of sculpture and fabric clothing. Seven of Nine was sculpted by Oluf Hartvigson, and the clothing was expertly tailored by Greg Mowry of Geppetto Productions. $219.95 In stock!. more info»

3D Album Cover: Led Zeppelin "Led Zeppelin 1" McFarlane Toys first 3D album covers will depict Led Zepplin's first album cover with the exploiding Zepplin. 7" by 7" by 2.5" deep Only $21.95 - In Stock. more info»

Marvel Legends Set 13 Marvel Legends 13 is scheduled to include: Pyro, Abomination, Green Goblin, Blackheart, Lady Deathstrike, Loki. Only $69.95! more info»

Johnny Cash Walking the Line Figure The Johnny Cash "Walking The Line" action figure features an amazing likeness of an icon of American music. In Stock. $14.99 more info»

Legolas and Gimli on Arod Statue Riding together on horseback, Legolas and Gimli battle the evil minions of Saruman. An unlikely pair, the Elf and the Dwarf are friends in spite of the enmity between their peoples. With complete trust in one another’s abilities they fight side by side to defend the refugees of Rohan. In stock at $350.00 . more info»

Bowen Designs Classic Adam Warlock Statue Measuring at over 12 inches tall, Classic Bowen Designs Classic Adam Warlock Statue is shipping in July. 2006. Pre-order now!! $154.95 more info»

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In addition to that, take 10% off online orders when you enter promotional code DISC10 and that's for anything on the site.