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Dark Lord of the Typos
For a moment I thought you were talking about the Super Soaker gun. :p I think I had to get that entire wave of figures online, back when they came out. They didn't get very good distribution here in the US, but like all things TPM, should be easier to get now.

Jedi Daniel

Geek Jedi
Can anyone help me out with Jurassic World items? Australia is receiving limited stock unfortunately and eBay is full of scalpers.

Buzz Bumble

Furry Ewok
There are some Jurassic World toys here in New Zealand, but I haven't looked at any of them. It's school holiday time, so there are some toy sales ... of course the over-priced New Zealand shops and obscene postage prices would still make them hideously expensive.


Dark Lord of the Typos
We've started to get more JW toys back in stock now that the movie hype has started to pass. However, the ones you are specifically looking for are still completely out of stock. :(