IRCs are a waste of money to US TTM collectors


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To those from the USA sending to the UK, IRCs are a waste of money. They don't cover the postage you pay for them, as each one only covers one airmail stamp, you'd need at least 3 to cover enough postage, which costs you over 5 bucks being they are 1.70 a piece, you are better off to enclose 3 U.S. dollars, I've had terrific success that way, and it pays enough for return postage, and saves me money. Just in the last few days I have gotten back Oliver Ford Davies, Julian Glover, and Ken Colley using this method, all those 3 took less than two weeks sending from Indiana USA.


I've started sending one NEW CRISP dollar bill with my requests and it has worked nicely!!



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If you are in the US, sending abroad, especially UK, I'd send at least 3 dollars for 8 by 10, or 2 dollars for 5 by 7 sozed envelopes.


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For those who still use IRC's..the latest ones are available at post offices (or can be obtained by matter how hard they kick and scream to the contrary). They are valid until 12/31/2009.

Don't forget they must be postmarked on the left-hand side where it gives the US price in order to be activated.

They cost $1.86 each. In order for the postal clerk to ring them up, they must be sold by item number. The Item Number is: 330700

You will want to know that item number if you plan on buying any. :p


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HAHA! I see I'm not the only person that has had to teach their local post office branches about IRCs while trying to purchase them.

I think the people at the 4 in my county all think I work for USPS...