I am a newb to this place hi.

Dark Jedi

hello, I am new to this place, it seems cool, and the choice of name kicks ass! I love Bothans! Oh and never forget I am your new lord and master.:guns:


Ewok Cheif
Great!!! Another person to terrorize. I mean welcome to the site.

Who is everybod'ys favorite Bothan???

Borsk! because he is the administrator

Who is everybod'ys favorite Weequay???


Wookiee - WookieeCookiee
Joe - joewhite
Klaatu - Barada.

I think Ill give up now. Im too lazy to keep typing meaningless trash on the forums.

I do suppose they are a good way to welcome him. Show him what the TBS world is really like, with an ewok, like me.


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I know, I forgot a few, but I was too lazy.

Here it goes

Who is everybodies favorite double-bladed Aussie Kangaroo Crocodile Huntin Bloke???



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And what about this Darth Wookiee Character???

I barely ever see him around (the last time was christmas)

Why is he a mod??? I mean, he does contribute this 3d art stuff which is cool, but when was the last time he added some??

A year or two???


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Darth Wookiee isn't a mod which is a good reason you don't see him around the forums very often.... just not his thing i guess. Also, you have seen some of his work recently ..... see that bothan next to the logo at the top of this thread? that's one of his. I think you can look forward to seeing some of his new stuff in the next couple of months.

Darth Aussie

Australian Sith Lord
Crocodile Hun....i mean Darth Aussie here..you're never going to let me forget that are you Shak?...
Thanks CC. will mention you in my will for that rendition..... lol
Welcome Dark Jedi. A master you may be but you haven't dealt with the Jedi Kangaroo yet..hope you enjoy it here my friend....;)


Ewok Cheif
Kangaroos can grow over 6 feet tall. and make incredible leaps of over 20 feet. It is reccomended you keep a safe distance, Consdering he has a lightsaber. Does he have a pouch too???

Im semi serious about that question.....not exactly the fact that I directed it towards JediRoo over here, but do male koalas and kangaroos have pouches too???

Nobody but a geniune aussie could answer that one!


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Howdy Dark Jedi! Make yourself at home, but watch out for Ewok droppings ;)

Maybe you can answer your own question CC--do you have a pouch? :p


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"A remarkable feature of the female koala is its pouch, which opens backward, unlike the forward-opening pouch of most marsupials © 1993, Compton's New Media, Inc."

Thanks!!! That answers all my questions.

Hey Aussie, living in Australia and all, do you ever actually see koalas in the wild on a normal day? Or do they stay secluded in the eucalyptus?

Darth Aussie

Australian Sith Lord
The only koalas i've seen CC, is the ones they have at the local small zoo in town here. I guess they would try to stay hidden during the day...


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lol....nice avatar aussie.

Some day I want to live in Australia. It seems like a pretty cool place to me, but i hear immigrating is very difficult.