How to send Carded Figures to be Signed


Here's a Step-By-Step example of how to send Carded Figures to be autographed.

Step 1: What you will need: (I forgot to put a roll of tape in the picture, You will need that to seal your box up) to ship a Carded Figure/Step_01.jpg

Step 2: Put some Packing paper in the bottom of the Big Box. to ship a Carded Figure/Step_02.jpg

Step 3: Place Smaller Box inside Big Box. to ship a Carded Figure/Step_03.jpg

Step 4: Put some packing paper in the bottom of the smaller box. to ship a Carded Figure/Step_04.jpg

Step 5: Place Carded figure inside Smaller Box. to ship a Carded Figure/Step_05.jpg

Step 6: Cover Carded figure with some packing paper to keep it from moving around during Shipment. to ship a Carded Figure/Step_06.jpg

Step 7: Place lid on Smaller box. to ship a Carded Figure/Step_07.jpg

Step 8: Place Some packing paper on top of the lid of the smaller box so it doesn't slide around inside the big box. to ship a Carded Figure/Step_08.jpg

Step 9: Place letter, Stamps, Money, ect on top or side of Box. to ship a Carded Figure/Step_09.jpg

Step 10: Slap some tape on the top of the Big Box and this figure is all ready to be shipped!! to ship a Carded Figure/Step_10.jpg

Hope this helps!!


P.S. Most Celebrities will Provide their own tape for the Smaller box, But it doesn't hurt to include a roll for them to use.
Also, ask them in your letter to use some of the packing paper you sent, to keep the figure from getting banged up on the way
back to your mailbox!! some people at the Post Office can be pretty rough on Boxes. Trust me I know!.


Thanks! I posted this on Wattographs and GARY X Want's to use it for the "How To Collect" Page on the main site!!