How to: Espionage Report (News)


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What it is:

Across the top is the TBS banner as well as a large, random sponsor banner. Below the menu is the Espionage banner (which is also a random image).

The right side of the page begins with the scrolling commlink marquee. This displays updates from other CommLink Sites (clicking on the update takes you to that site). Below this are the medium sponsor banners and below that are the CommLink site banners (as well as a randomly selected affiliated site banner). Further down the column is a link to the news archive, a link to submit news and the site disclaimer.

In the main area of the page are the actual news posts. These begin with the news title (in green lettering) with the author and post date right below. The news post follows. At the end of each post is a link for commenting on the news post.

What is planned:

Possibly some graphic tweaks.



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The news page has gone through a lot of changes today. You can now send a story via e-mail from the news page and view a printable version of a story. The other change is the 5 most recently active topics on the news page.

The rest of the changes benefit the news poster (staff) and make that process easier.