Hilarious show....


New Recruit
I don't know if our friends to the south of us (USA) get a show called "Undergrads" or not, but I thought I would post this info just in case you do get it, but haven't bothered to watch it yet!?!

This 1/2 hr cartoon (after midnight - here in Alberta, Canada anyway), is packed solid with SW refrnc's, throughout the entire show. One of the characters, called "Gimpy" is a scary fellow who is a self-proclaimed "SW Super-Fan". He has Fett for a screen saver, and in the background, in his cell (dorm room), there are a whack full of SW eye candy... SW posters, figures, ships... you name it, it's probably back there.

If you happen to see it in your TV guide listings, do take the time to watch it... It's worth it!

It air's on the Cartoon network (Teletoon - IT'S UNREAL!) here in Canada.



New Recruit
Thanks for the headds up! I haven't found it in my listings though.
I hope that I will stumble across it.